“During September 2009, I was pulled over by a local Police Agency and issued multiple citations, 2 of which were deemed as serious traffic offenses; requiring my Court presence in Baltimore City.  Being new to the area, I needed to locate an attorney that would provide me with critical support, knowledge and understanding.  A good friend of mine referred me to Mr. Robert Johnson.  Rob represented me during these court appearances better than imaginable.  The case was resolved quickly, without any penalties being imposed upon myself.  Since this incident, Rob has assisted me by answering several legal questions; including disputes I encountered buying a new car.  I certainly would recommend him to those with legal needs.  Thanks again Rob…”

Neal Stalker

“In 2004, I was facing one of the biggest scariest situations in my life.  I had contacted so many big law firms and independent attorneys seeking help but none of them made me feel like I wanted them to represent me and my situation, then I was referred to Robert Johnson.  From the moment I spoke with him, his wealth of knowledge and confidence eased many of my fears and concerns.  After listening to the situation, even before meeting face to face he took the time to explain the complete situation at hand, possible outcomes and the repercussions of each outcome.  By the end of that initial conversation, I was confident that I wanted Mr. Johnson to represent my son in his case.  Mr. Johnson assured my son and I that he would provide us with the best possible representation and availability and he was very successful in doing so.

We were never concerned with whether or not we would be able to reach him.  Mr. Johnson is not one of those attorneys that can only be reached via a telephone message left with a secretary or a voice message left on his cell phone, he is available 24 hrs 7 days a week and you can guarantee his full attention when talking with him.

Mr. Johnson has always been extremely professional, courteous, and attentive to our legal needs. In addition to the 2004 case, I have consulted with Mr. Johnson on several other important matters.  I have referred many of friends and family members to Mr. Johnson and would highly recommend him to you.”

S Jones – Baltimore, MD

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. Some special people make the world a better place just by being in it… God’s blessings to one of them. Rob, your caring and professionalism was truly a blessing to my family. Thanks again.


P. Taylor